French Version

A good French version for your website

You have a website in English and you need a French version of it to enlarge your visibility on Internet.
You already have a French version but not done by a native French and you need to correct or update it.

As French webmaster i propose you not a simple translation but also to work with you or your own webmaster / web-agency to directly fill texts in your Content Management System (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, ...). I can provide you complete Html pages, with all forms or script messages also translated as well.

Search Engine Optimization for France

For best SEO results of your French contents i can give you translated metas-tags as well, or obtain you interesting links in France.
As geo-localization of contents is very important for Google, instead of having a full French version of your website hosted in your country, you can obtain best results with a special light version of your contents in Fench, hosted in France, with a different TLD well-chosen with intersting keyword(s) according to your activity.


For example a UK website talking about a manufacturer of suitcases, instead of having a full French version hosted in UK with the English one, i can open here an hosting for the full or a lighter version of French contents with a special domain name like "grossiste-valises.com" which mean "suitcases-wholesaler.com" in French. With some links "More" with the UK one as target...
With that kind of web strategy there is more luck to find it here in France in SEO results than for the website hosted in UK.

Who am i

After 10 years working in a web-agency near Lyon, in France, today i work on my own, connected to a network of consultants (web, management, social-networks, seo...)

Please don't hesitate to ask me for a quote or information.


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